HayCloud.com Features

Users in Different Locations can View Critical Information in Real-Time

HayCloud requires no locally-installed software and can run from any web-enabled device, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smart-phones.

Access your Data regardless of your Location

You can use HayCloud no matter where you live. We have customers in North America and overseas. Some of our customers have their office in one country and their plant in another.

Easily Print and Email all of your Export Documents

Standard Export Documents for bookings include Packing Lists, Freight Sheets, Invoices, Phytosanitary Certs, Export Weight Verification Certs, Fumigation Certs, and Chemical Certs. All of these documents can be printed or emailed straight from the program using your own email address.

Track Production from Multiple Fields

HayCloud allows you to set up as many Growers and fields as you need. You can track product coming from each field all the way to the customer overseas. You can also track field history over multiple seasons.

Track Inventory at all Storage and Press Barns

HayCloud allows you to enter as many storage and press barns as you need. The system keeps inventory by field at each barn. Loads coming into storage barns that are not weighed are given estimated tonnages based on projected average bale weights.

Split Loads on Trucks and Containers

HayCloud has the ability to split loads between multiple field origins on each incoming truck. The same is true for containers. You can specify several field origins within a single container.

Standard or Metric Weights

HayCloud supports both standard units (pounds and short tons) and metric units (kg and metric tons).

Thorough Reporting Capabilities

HayCloud has an exhaustive list of reports you can use to examine different parts of your operation. From the big picture to the individual loads, you can easily find the information you need.

Your Data is Secure and Backed-Up Automatically

When you move to HayCloud you no longer need to worry about backing up your data locally. Your database is automatically backed up daily by our server technicians. When you are logged in, your data is protected by the same SSL technology used to protect credit card numbers in e-commerce sites.

Allow Different Levels of Access to Different Types of Users

You can set up different roles to allow different types of users access to different information. For instance, you may have a separate login for growers to access their relevent information, a login for your data-entry staff, a login for your customers to check on shipments, and a separate administrator login for yourself that gives you access to all the reporting features.

Track Inventory Contributed by Multiple Growers/Balers

Do you have a cooperative of growers or balers? HayCloud allows you to easily track the product contributed by each member.

Still Using an Access-based Inventory System?

In the past we have created numerous Access-based desktop export programs. HayCloud.com has been so successful that we are encouraging all of our Access customers to upgrade to HayCloud.com. The web application requires no software and can run from any web browser on any computer connected to the internet.

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